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Konsorcjum PIONIER

The PIONIER consortium is a formal agreement concluded on July 31, 2001 between the leading centers of Municipal Academic Networks and High-Performance Computing centers. WCSS is a member of this agreement.
The PIONIER consortium defines the directions of development, the policy of using the PIONIER network, as well as the principles of its operation, management and cooperation with other national and foreign institutions. The PIONIER network is a nationwide broadband optical network functioning as a basis for scientific research and development works in the field of IT and ICT, computational sciences, applications and services for the information society. Financed entirely from the Committee for Scientific Research (Komitet Badań Naukowych – KBN) funds, it currently connects 21 MAN centers and 5 KDM centers using its own fiber optic lines. The operator of the PIONIER network is the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.

WCSS activities as part of the PIONIER consortium:
  •  supporting the development of the PIONIER network and the development of the WASK regional network
  • participation in initiatives and projects launched by the Consortium.