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IATI consortium

The Institute – the Freeway of Technology and Innovation (Instytut Autostrada Technologii i Innowacji – IATI) consortium was established in 2014 to integrate scientific and research work carried out by universities, independent research institutes and companies. The leaders of the consortium are the Stanislaw Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. The consortium consists of 49 institutions, including: 23 universities, 8 research institutes and 18 companies.
The consortium's activities are grouped in 13 thematic areas: They collect information about their partners' resources, including their research infrastructure, available laboratories, areas of specialization of employed scientists and experts. There are 70 Competence Centers established within the defined research ares. The Centers are places of cooperation for Partners working on finding particular technical and technological solutions.  

WCSS activities as part of the IATI consortium:
  • tasks undertaken within the Center of Network Competence, multimedia devices and services (quality control of video materials, platform for studying the behavior of multimedia system users, design of multimedia e-services, management of ICT networks)
  • tasks undertaken within the Center of Cybersecurity Competence (investigation of security violations in ICT networks, development of solutions for Data Security Centers, development of mechanisms for secure data transmission, development and implementation of security systems).